Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Rash

Just to keep everyone up to date, HG has been suffering from some kind of mystery rash for a couple of weeks now. We finally got him to the allergist the other day and they gave him something that's keeping the symptoms at bay. The Dr. believes the rash was a reaction to some antibiotics HG was taking for an ear infection.

The above picture, as bad as it looks, doesn't do the thing the least bit of justice. For a while Henry's whole body was covered in raised welts. I can't tell you how hard it is as a parent to observe something like that and not be able to do anything to make your child feel better.

Of course HG's been a trooper as usual, even when it got so itchy that he was scratching himself like an addict kicking dope. Hopefully the worst is over. The Dr. told us that if it's what he thinks it is, it should go away within a couple of weeks or so. Keep your fingers crossed.

Sleeping On The Floor

We're trying out a new naptime wrinkle these days - putting HG to sleep on the floor. When he falls asleep in your arms, it's easier to move him there than to the crib. Plus, it's cute as hell.

Saying Goodbye

Well it's Sunday the 6th and later today I'll do my final two performances of Noises Off. Lots to say goodbye to, lots to do. Tomorrow night I head home to resume my non-actor life.

Throughout the bulk of the summer, I've been housed in an apartment over the home of Sue - an acting student of mine - and her husband Jim. Sue and Jim have been awfully kind to our family and I couldn't be more grateful. We'll definitely miss the both of them as well as the place itself (not to mention Katie, the best natured dog I've ever met).

Sue, HG, JIM, and Katie

The Pup and The Pup

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Roar Of The Crowd

Moments ago, with HG asleep on my shoulder and music playing in the background, the most charming thing happened.

I had my iTunes set to play randomly and as the music turned over to the next song, a live Tom Waits tune came on. It began the way live tracks often do, with a burst of loud, appreciative applause. HG, who the moment before had been absolutely dead asleep, suddenly jerked his head off my shoulder and, somehow looking simultaneously determined and confused, applauded briefly before once again flopping his head on my shoulder in a complete stupor.

It was over in a fraction of a second. Afterward, I found myself sitting there shaking my head. I took the above photo seconds later.